Pricing Information (Loudspeakers):


Basic Data Package (Includes CLF and EASE® GLL data files):  $1250 USD


This covers the vast majority of loudspeakers that we test.


If you need an enhanced data file format, such as CLF v2 or a complex EASE® GLL, please contact us for a quote.


If you need additional output files, such as graphics for cut sheets, please contact us for a quote.


We can provide an exact quote prior to testing. Please submit a photo, cut-sheet, CAD drawing or a detailed description.

Pricing Information (Amplifiers):


Basic Specifications: 


Voltage-Power I/O Matrix:

$300 USD


$250 USD / configuration

One-channel driven

N-channels driven



70V/100V   etc.

The Voltage-Power I/O Matrix can be tested stand-alone. Please specify the amplifier configuration to be tested. Examples include

Need a product tested? Here are the steps:


1. Contact us to schedule your product, either by phone or email. A cut sheet, photo or physical description will be required.


2. Ship the product to our Greenville, IN address. It should arrive at least one week before the scheduled measurement date.


note: If shipping by freight, ship to the carrier of your choice in the Louisville, KY metro area. Please "Hold at terminal for customer pickup" and have the carrier notify us to pick it up.


3. We will forward the preliminary data files within two weeks of the measurement date, usually sooner.


A complete CAF report includes one (1) Basic Specifications and one (1) Matrix for each configuration.


Basic Specifications

One-channel driven Matrix

Two-channels driven Matrix

Bridged-Mono Matrix

70V/100V Matrix








For example, a typical 2-channel amplifier may require:

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